Deneel and Stefan


 On a scorching day in March, we set off to the rolling slopes and green vineyards of the Robertson valley to set up for the wedding of these beautiful people.

Unpretentious, earthy and natural – that was our brief.

We used Sylvia Proteas in tall cylinder vases and in fish bowls to create height variation and interest without obstructing the guests’ view or the natural beauty of this iconic South African flower.

Set on a cream and off-white Eggshell Rose table cloth, we made use of raw wooden under plates to compete the overall look and feel – these complemented the little honey-pot gift favours the guests received as gifts.

Deneel was a vision in her custom dress – a fitted bodice with belted waist and romantic tulle skirt, while her bridesmaids donned flowing mint and coral dresses.

Stefan rocked his dove-grey suit – and just have a look at this perfectly captured moment where he first sees his bride!

Mariette created a dirty-iced naked 4-tier wedding cake, which we decorated with flowers, and some grapes pinched from the adjoining vineyards!

Colour Scheme: Earthy creams and beiges punctuated with dusty red pops of protea and pastel acccents

Who made it happen?

 Photography: Breedetography | Venue: DuVon, Robertson | Planning, Coordination, Décor, Styling, Floral: Gerrit and team from Beanstalk Group | Hires: Jack n Jill Hire | Cake: Mariette and Team from Beanstalk Group

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