Samantha and Sean
Swellendam Elopement

When a dear photographer friend phones you on a Saturday, you know that call can’t wait!

“Mum is the word” where the first words that Samantha spoke. She and her handsome fiance were planning a completely unconventional (read: typically Sam and Sean) sort of romantic runaway to the country side to get hitched, and she needed florals and decor – we had only about a month to plan and coordinate the top secret project: In Swellendam, no less!

The plan was that Sam was about to treat some of their very closest family and friends for a “complimentary weekend getaway”. Upon arriving at the exquisite Schoone Oordt Country House, she would announce that the guests were, in fact attending their wedding the next day!

The elegant bride wanted to use the white base tones in the conservatory of the gorgeous venue, complimented with gold, blush and black elements. The ceremony was set to take place outside around the cascading fountain. “I don’t need a mock-setup, you know how to interpret my vision after doing so many weddings and shoots together.” – the bride had spoken.

Gerrit and Renier packed up their bags, décor, florals and suits on 3 Jun and set off to the fresh air and open fields of the Overberg Region on the Friday and settled into an evening of final floral prep and overall excitement!

We used Phalaenopsis orchids, tulips, snaps, roses, carnations, penny gum, pepper tree and amaranth to create the centerpieces in their gold footed bowls, and interspersed these with plenty of candle sticks for drama, height and ambience.

We also created a floral wreath for the fountain, cymbidium orchid boutonnieres for the gents, simple croissages for the mothers and an epic trailing waterfall bouquet for Sam. Renate – Sam’s sister and bridesmaid – carried a smaller version.

The talented Adri Hugo Hair and Makeup Artist travelled up for her superb Hair and Make-Up Artistry, and Sam wore a regal Kobus Dippenaar Atelier gown with lace detail and accessories in black and gold (check out those shoes!).

Angelique Smith outdid herself – capturing not only the small details of the day, but also the palpable love and authentic sense of unity amongst everyone present at this intimate and stylish affair – the romantic runaway elopement of two amazing people.

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